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EP Purification Systems are designed to deliver the precise dosage of ozone that is required to disinfect the water for your application. 

Cutting Edge Technology

Developed At The University Of Illinois

Microcavity Plasma Technology

More Than 70 US

and International Patents

Modular Ozone System Designs

Yielding Any Production Rate

You need

Micro-Sized Ozone Systems

Ozone systems that are efficient, robust and more than a factor of ten, smaller in weight and volume than any other conventional technology.

Water Purification and Disinfection

Eliminate the use of chlorine and other toxic chemicals that are widespread in drinking water, laundries, cooling towers and other disinfection systems.


  • Strongest Disinfectant, Cleaning Agent Available Commercially

  • Effective Dissociation or Organic Compounds (Cleaning)

  • Strong Deodorization and Decoloration


The Technology

EP Purification designs and manufactures innovative and environmentally sound systems for the purification of water and air. Based on our microcavity plasma technology developed at the university of Illinois, EP-Pure ozone product designs are the result of more than a decade of research and development, and are protected by more than 70 US and International patents.


Ozone is increasingly replacing chlorine-based products for disinfection applications, not only because of the extraordinary power of ozone in destroying micropathogens, but also due to the adverse impact of chlorine on the environment and water resources, in particular.

Our Products

EP Purification has developed cutting edge technology that allows our systems to deliver the precise dosage of ozone levels required for water and air applications. Our products utilize Microplasma technology which is a superior ozone production method. Each product can be used for an array of applications, the possibilities are endless.

To provide safe, reliable and efficient ozone generation systems that reduce energy, and eliminate harmful by-products of current disinfection technologies, to ensure safe and inexpensive potable water at the highest quality for all of mankind.

1. Engineered Solutions

2. Superior Customer Service

3. Service Support & Cloud Access

Helping you find the right water disinfection solutions
Our Mission
EP Purification - Your partner with a shared vision

Our Company

Founded in 2010, EP Purification is located in Champaign, Illinois (USA) and provides a wide range of ozone system products as well as technical and consulting services.  An international office of EP Purification located in South Korea provides sales and technical services throughout Asia.

Superior Customer Service

EP Purification offers a wide range of implementation and post-implementation services to help you install and manage your water disinfection system. These services are designed to support and extend the value of our state-of-the-art customer relationship management solution by supporting deployment, management and maintenance.

Exclusive Customer Access

Easily access our cloud platform for technical information, account activity and keep up to date with new releases of manuals and service information. Take exclusive looks at what’s coming soon in Microplasma Ozone Technology. Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback in the EPP Forum. If you’d like to benefit from a professional Engineer’s touch, head to the EP-Pure Support Page and connect with one of our Engineers. Or if you need more help you can simply type your questions into the Support Forum and get instant answers. To keep up to date with everything EP-Pure, including tips and things we think are cool, just head to the EP-Pure News Page!